Saturday, 20 October 2012

Negative Impact of Using Auto Ping Widget

Some of the bloggers would have wanted his blog ping too quickly on search engines, with the services of several websites ping ping its course.

and there was a negative impact of using widgets Auto Ping, is:

1. Visitors will often click the Auto Ping Widget, its result would be to ping your blog. And if the visitor clicks a little, it means it's okay, but if the clicking Thousands, wah. Definitely a blog you will automatically terdelete of Search Search Engine.
Because Google blog Assuming you have a disorder that causes excessive pinging, or be referred to ping spam.

Therefore, we should avoid the use of widgets such as Auto Ping Ping.

His best, you can use a service like Ping , because Ping-O-Matic is its Ping Services Could do with him BookMark page. His way is if you have to ping on the web, be sure it says "Ping Ping Sent which means you've Sent, and immediately Bookmark this page if you want to do the Ping Again, Live search page you bookmark and visit

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

How To Increase Blog Pageview

What is Pageview?
Pageview is how many visitors do the walk on your blog, and read some of your great post on your blog

Its definitely you want your blog to increase pageviews.
In the teaching of SEO, Pageview also needed to improve the blog crowd.

in doing business in the blog by posting PPC ads, it must be the blogger wants his blog to get pageviews a lot in order to increase the CPM in its advertising and if I myself were to increase blog pageviews by making useful posts like this.

These Is The Tips To Increase pageview on your blog:
1. Blog Descriptions/Theme. That is a blog concerned with only one subject only, eg his blog SEO tutorials, and blog posts specifically for online business. because visitors will be free turning in his blog article agan because its the same type of blog categories.
2. Linking Related News on Final Post This is almost similar to No. 1 above, but if the blog has a category again much like thisblog, must link the post / related news at the end of the post.
Since visitors are not going to run away as fast as he came across your blog because there is another interesting post to read.
3. BlogWalk Well, if this term would have been familiar to the bloggers. by visiting other people's blogs and comment on blogs that are best for a visit, it may be interesting to visit your blog. Not only that, visitors not only read the blogarticle, but they also want to see the comments / responses someone who read article. And if my friend's comments interesting then the curious visitor to visit the blog the best comment poster.

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